Vaso Rooftop Lounge

Have you ever been somewhere so gorgeous that it almost doesn’t look real?


I mean, honestly, look at that view.

It’s not at some far-away resort. It’s right here.

Vaso is an incredibly beautiful rooftop bar and tapas restaurant in the new Bridge Park development in Dublin, on top of the ultra-modern and sleekย AC Hotel by Mariott. It also happens to be less than a mile away from my office, so it was the perfect choice for a venue to celebrate my colleague’s birthday.


Two of my other colleagues and I headed over early – we wanted to be in line for the elevator before 4 p.m. (when Vaso opens) so we could have our choice of table. The entrance is located on the north side of the AC Hotel, on the corner of Banker Drive and Riverside Drive.


The elevator lobby is modern, clean and fairly unassuming. At the risk of sounding strange, it also smells really, really nice.

At exactly 4 p.m., the elevator doors open and we began our journey to the roof. The elevator ride itself is an experience! stepped off the elevator to a gorgeous indoor space, where we were promptly greeted by the friendly Vaso staff.



We asked to be seated outside, and were led out onto the rooftop patio. Because we arrived just as they opened, we had the whole patio to ourselves for a fleeting moment and were able to sit wherever we chose.


We picked a long wooden table with enough room for our party, and our server came over right away with menus and glasses of water.


The drink menu is pretty incredible, with a great wine list, local craft beers and some gorgeous cocktails. I wasn’t drinking that evening, but a colleague let me try a sip of his La Paloma cocktail (made with tequila, St. Germain, lime, lavender syrup and grapefruit soda). I’ll be back for this cocktail. It was perfect.

La Paloma cocktail at Vaso

For those who are unfamiliar with tapas-style dining, tapas are small plates that are meant to be passed and shared.

The Vaso food menu

Because you never just order one plate of tapas, it does have the potential to get pretty pricey. Vaso is probably best enjoyed when you’re not on a super-tight budget; you’ll want to taste as much as possible. Don’t be put off by the fancy Spanish names and the small plates! Tapas dining is actually a very relaxed, casual experience.

We ordered several dishes for the table. I got to try the Aceitunas en Aceite (marinated Spanish olives), Patatas Bravas (yukon potatoes with peppers, onions and garlic aoili – think classy home fries) and Ensalada de Brotes de Bruselas (brussels sprouts Caesar salad).

All were delicious and served on plates that were easy to pass around.

The drinks are gorgeous and delicious and the food is excellent, but the real stars of Vaso are the view and the atmosphere.



It felt like I was on vacation at Vaso. The space exudes elegance, and the view simply can’t be beaten. They even have private cabanas on the deck that you can reserve. When the Bridge Park pedestrian bridgeย is finished, the view will be even more breathtaking.

I didn’t get to spend as much time at Vaso as I’d like, so it’s definitely on my list to revisit. The whole experience was very impressive. It’s definitely made my list of Columbus-area must-dos!


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