Mona’s Eats N Treats

Hello, nostalgia!

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I have a thing for ice cream. I also have a thing for experiences that make me feel like a kid again. Enter: Mona’s Eats N Treats in Grove City.


This little family-owned sweet shack is just southwest of downtown Grove City, making it a great place to stop after some shopping and a good meal, or maybe before catching a show at Little Theatre off Broadway.

Trevor and I stopped by after dinner at El Vaquero on Stringtown Road (one of our favorite chains) recently. We love little independent ice cream places, and happened upon Mona’s after a quick Google search.

The building is entirely unassuming and really doesn’t look like much from the outside. There IS, however, a giant ice cream cone on the side of the building, which would be fun to get a picture with. A group of children were busy doing that while we were there, though, so I figured I’d leave it to them.


Y’all, we need to talk about how cute this place is on the inside. It’s like Pinterest came to life and started an ice cream shop. It’s whimsically decorated and overall darling.

The menu is great, too. Not only do they have any kind of ice cream you could possibly be in the mood for (hard ice cream, soft-serve, chocolate-dipped cones, sundaes, banana splits, etc.), they also have snow cones, slushies and more. They have hot dogs and sandwiches too, in case you want to make it a whole classic summer meal!

I was, of course, also delighted to see that they offer several flavors of Johnson’s Ice Cream. We all know I’m a sucker for Johnson’s. I felt like getting more Johnson’s ice cream would have been a cop-out, though, so I opted for some other flavors.


We were greeted with smiles and ultra-friendly service. I got a scoop of cookies and cream and a scoop of strawberry cheesecake. Trevor got something called “Chunky Elvis,” which was, as you could probably guess by its name, a banana ice cream with chunks of peanut butter and chocolate.

They have some super cute little gazebos out back, so we headed that way to sit and eat our treats in the shade.


They even have a little drive-thru if you’re in a hurry!


Was the ice cream the best I’ve ever had? Admittedly, no. But Mona’s does such a great job of creating an atmosphere of backyard summer family fun that I was too happy to really care. And all ice cream is good ice cream.

I have a feeling that Trevor and I will be returning to Mona’s Eats N Treats plenty of times.


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