Vernacular – Grandview Boutique

I’ve passed by the Vernacular boutique in Grandview several times and have always wanted to go in, but I’ve happened to catch them after hours each time. After looking in the windows longingly once again during a recent jaunt to Grandview, I decided to make a special trip just to visit the boutique the next day. I’ve been searching for some new dresses, and it seemed like a great place to look.


Is it weird to say that the store smells really good? I’m gonna say it anyway, because it’s the first thing I noticed when I walked in. I don’t know what kind of scents they’re pumping in, but it made me happy and comfortable. I was greeted by a friendly associate who let me know to ask her if I needed anything, and then I started browsing.

I was pleasantly surprised by the price tags at Vernacular. I’m a pretty frugal shopper, and boutique clothing is usually well over my desired price range. All of the dresses I pulled to try on at Vernacular were within the $40 – $60 range, which, if you’ve shopped at boutiques before, you’ll know is very reasonable.

The store has a lot of cute clothing, as well as jewelry and a whole host of little home and gift items.

(I really want that pink “meow” dish on the top shelf for Carmen. The Crazy Cat Lady dish on the bottom left would probably also be fitting.)

The associate who had welcomed me was super helpful the whole time I was shopping, and started a dressing room for me so I wouldn’t have to carry around all of the clothes I wanted to try.

Not every size was available in the items I liked, so I had to grab a bit of a mix-and-match assortment. This proved to be the main problem for me. Of the items I tried on, my favorite pieces were either too large or too small, and the other sizes were unavailable.

Although I left the store empty-handed after this particular visit, I’ll be back to do more shopping at Vernacular in the future. I may also check out their other locations in German Village and Worthington at some point. The clothes are unique, trendy and seem very well-made, and the service at the store is wonderful… Fingers crossed that more sizes are available next time!


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