Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails

When your boyfriend works unusual hours and you’re in rehearsal for a play, it can be hard to find time to spend together. On a recent Thursday evening, I had about an hour and a half of free time before rehearsal started and Trevor had the day off, so I recommended that we meet somewhere near the theatre to squeeze in a dinner date. I’d been to Tip Top before, but wanted to introduce Trevor to their delicious comfort food. Plus, it’s right by the theatre, so it worked out perfectly!

Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails is located atΒ 73 E Gay St, just a few blocks north of the Statehouse. It’s a great, central location that’s easily walkable from a lot of nearby attractions.


Even though it’s very unassuming from the outside, walking into Tip Top kind of reminds me of stepping into a bar somewhere in New York City. It has that very old, dive-y, vintage feel to it, which I like quite a bit. We were seated in a booth to the left of the bar, so we had our own nice little corner.


Trevor was looking all kinds of cute in his Woolly shirt that I made for him (myΒ Cricut MakerΒ is a small obsession of mine, but that’s a subject for another post). This has nothing to do with Tip Top, I just like my boyfriend.


You could spend hours at Tip Top just looking at the walls. The whole restaurant is decorated with cool vintage/historical photos and documents. The place has a very distinctive feel to it, which is always nice to find.

Our server actually recognized me from the last time I was in, which says a lot about their customer service! He took the time to chat with us for a bit before taking our orders.


I can’t go to Tip Top without getting a basket of the fried green beans, which have just a hint of spice to them and are served with a cool ranch dip. Trevor got the Tip Top salad and let me have a bite. It was really light and fresh tasting – the chickpeas and vinaigrette dressing complimented one another well.

Tip Top’s menu is pretty robust, with enough comfort food and sandwiches to make your head spin. You could try their Ohio Nachos, which are some wild-looking loaded potato chips, or grab their Blue Ribbon Pot Roast, which they describe as the “Best in Town!” Although I didn’t order a drink this time, their cocktails are also excellent. My favorite is probably the Georgia Mule, which puts a peach twist on a traditional Moscow Mule, but I’ve also heard wonders about the Stinkin’ Olentangy, Tip Top’s take on a Long Island with whiskey instead of gin. I truly don’t think you can place a bad order here.

I was already a huge fan of their “Famous” Feta Dip (which really should be famous, it’s delicious), and so when I saw it was the main component of their Cool Columbus sandwich, I had to order it.


The Cool Columbus is a vegetarian sandwich that uses the feta dip as its base, then adds cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. It’s wonderful, and a great option for a hot summer evening. The chips it comes with aren’t my favorite – I’d recommend swapping them out for some sweet potato fries instead.


Trevor ordered the barbeque salmon, which was served on top of a pair of corn fritters. I’m not a fan of salmon (or seafood in general), but I did try the corn fritters, which were excellent. Trevor assured me that the salmon was also very good, and I took his word for it.

I was stuffed by the time our plates were cleared, and so was Trevor, but he’s never one to pass up dessert. He ordered a slice of chocolate Oreo cake to go.


I’m only a little jealous.

I wish we could have stayed longer – Tip Top is a great place to enjoy some excellent food and drinks while relaxing and enjoying yourself. I had to head to rehearsal though, so we paid our (very reasonable) bill and headed out with intentions to return soon.

Do you have a favorite drink or dish at Tip Top? Let me know in the comments!


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