Schmidt’s Sausage Truck

I work for Dublin Arts Council, which means that on a select few Sundays every summer, I get to work a concert during the Sundays at Scioto summer concert series. I also happen to be the person who coordinates the food trucks for the concerts. Schmidt’s has been a wonderful supporter of the concert series for several years now, but I was never working a concert on the same day the sausage truck was scheduled to be there… until this year!

Schmidt’s is, obviously, a big deal in Columbus. With a huge amount of the central Ohio population having German heritage, it’s no wonder their restaurant and food trucks are so revered!


A sign on the truck (specifically, on the door to the fridge that houses theΒ giant cream puffs) even alerts patrons to the fact that they’re the current reigning pick for best food truck in Columbus by The Columbus Dispatch. After my experience, it’s easy to see why.


I got dinner from the Schmidt’s Sausage Truck on two consecutive Sundays when I was working Sundays at Scioto concerts. The first thing that struck me about the Schmidt’s truck is the team’s efficiency. I have NEVER seen a food truck prepare meals so fast! I’m used to waiting quite a while both to order and to receive my food from trucks. That was not the case with Schmidt’s. Even during a packed concert that filled Scioto Park to capacity, it took less than a minute from the time I completed my transaction to receive my food. That’s nearly unheard of. They kept the order line moving quickly… not much patience required here!


The truck’s menu is pretty straightforward and simple (from what I hear, the restaurant menu is significantly more robust), offering several types of sausage and bratwurst, the famous giant cream puffs, a few bottled beverages and chips/pretzels as sides. You can also make any of their entrees a platter meal, which includes red cabbage and German potato salad.

I ordered a platter each Sunday – the first Sunday I went with the Bahama Mama (their most popular option, and aside from the cream puffs, likely the menu item that Schmidt’s is most known for), and on the second Sunday I ordered the Knockwurst. I got both “loaded,” meaning topped with onions and sauerkraut – in my opinion, the best way to experience Schmidt’s. The Bahama Mama is a spiced, hickory-smoked sausage that has earned itself a Columbus Monthly “10 Best Entrees” designation, while the Knockwurst is another hickory-smoked sausage, but without the spiciness of the Bahama Mama, and with a hint of garlic.

A little smoky, a little sweet, a little spicy and a lot delicious, the Bahama Mama was the clear winner in my mind. The Knockwurst was also great, but the Bahama Mama was the standout for me and definitely what I’d recommend ordering from the truck.

Unfortunately, on both days, the cream puffs were sold out by the time I got up to the truck. I saw a few people pass by with them, and they looked completely mouth-watering. One of these days I’ll have to get down to the brick-and-mortar restaurant in German Village and order a fresh one!

Are you a Schmidt’s fan? What’s your favorite item on the food truck menu? Let me know in the comments!


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