Elevator Brewery and Draught House

Before performing my final show for “Lost in Time” this past Saturday, I met up with several friends for a bite to eat. We decided to walk from the MadLab parking lot towards High Street and just see what we stumbled across. Elevator’s large sign caught our eye, and after peeking at the menu through their front window, we decided to head in.

Elevator is one of those places that I’ve driven by and heard about many times, but never had the chance to stop in. I had no idea what was waiting just behind the doors of the fairly unassuming building on High Street.


We were greeted by soaring, decorated ceilings, reminiscent of an old theatre or cathedral. It was not at all what I was expecting, and I even turned to a friend at one point to exclaim “wow!”


We were seated just under this stunning stained glass window, one of many decorative elements that gives Elevator it’s cool-classy vibe.

Our server was prompt, extremely friendly, and more than willing to accommodate the time crunch I found myself in – I needed to be back at the theatre by 7 p.m., and it was already 6:15.

Elevator’s menu consists of mainly American pub fare, with a few fancier options. Prices range anywhere from $11 for a sandwich to upwards of $30 for a cut of ribeye, so there are both budget-friendly and splurge-friendly options.


Complimentary bread wins me over every time. This bread had a crunchy crust but was very soft on the inside and came with a slightly herbed, sweet and soft butter that was to die for.

Because I’d be onstage in just a few hours, I opted not to try any of Elevator’s signature brews. That will have to be a separate trip. Instead, I stuck with my water and ordered the Honey Habanero Chicken Sandwich.


The sandwich did not disappoint! The Habanero heat was tempered by the honey in the hot sauce, but still had plenty of kick. All of the flavors worked really nicely together to create an excellent sandwich.

Sadly, that about sums up my experience at Elevator, as I was in a rush. I hope to return soon to try more of their extensive menu and some of their beer!

Elevator Brewery and Draught House is located atΒ 161 N High St downtown. Stop by soon for a bite to eat and some craft beer and let me know your thoughts!


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