My First Stitch Fix

Note: If you want to try Stitch Fix after reading this post, please consider using my referral link. If you do, we’ll both get $25 towards a fix… a win-win! 

Stitch Fix is a service I’ve been wanting to try for a really long time, but I’d heard that it could get expensive. I had a little wiggle room in my budget this month, and a friend of mine had just gotten a fix she loved, so I decided to give it a shot!

The first step to getting a fix is to fill out your style profile on the Stitch Fix website. They ask you a list of comprehensive questions about your measurements, including height, weight, bra size, proportions etc., and then they get into your style preferences. You can tell them how you prefer your clothes to fit on each part of your body, what parts of your body you like to flaunt or keep covered, and what style of jeans/pants best suits you. Next, they’ll show you a series of outfits, and you rate them on a scale of “hate it” to “love it.” This helps your personal stylist get a better sense of what you’re looking for. You can also set an approximate price point for clothing items – I think all of my selections were “the cheaper, the better.” I’m a pretty frugal person! You can also link your social media profiles, including Pinterest and Instagram, so your stylist can see what fashion choices you gravitate toward.

To get your fix, you pay a $20 styling fee. That fee will get applied towards any clothes you choose to keep later on. You decide when you want your fix to arrive, and even if you want to schedule recurring fixes.

I was very skeptical about Stitch Fix, mainly because I have a fairly hard-to-fit frame. I have extremely long legs with a shorter torso, and curvy hips. A lot of things off the rack in stores don’t work for me, so I wasn’t sure a stylist I’d never met would be able to pick things that fit my body. I made sure to note in the comments before placing my order that I was looking for clothes that could transition from summer to fall, and that dresses and jeans are almost ALWAYS too short on me, so I’d prefer longer styles.

My fix arrived on a Saturday, which gave me some nice weekend time to try everything on. The box that everything arrives in is pretty unmistakable.


No questioning what this shipment is!


Here’s what the box looks like when it’s opened. On the bottom flap, they have instructions for what to do next – try your clothes on, share your thoughts in a post-fix survey, and then send back anything you don’t want to keep in the included prepaid envelope. There’s another envelope – you can just see the turquoise card peeking out. This is where your stylist has included a personal note and some styling suggestions for all of the pieces in your fix. If you don’t want to spoil what’s in your fix, wait to open this until after you’ve looked at everything!


I knew right away after looking at this that I was in trouble… I wasn’t prepared to love everything in my fix, and was hoping to save some money by sending things back. Maybe things wouldn’t fit?


First in my fix was this beautiful Bancroft Ranna Stone Tassel Necklace. I love pink and rose gold, so this was a no-brainer. It doesn’t feel cheaply made, either. I’m excited to pair this with a lot of outfits I already have… I think it’ll look really cute with navy!

Before we go any further, I need to add a disclaimer that I am NOT a fashion blogger, so these photos are the best I can do with my phone and a bathroom mirror. Apologies in advance!


The next item was the Nine Britton Skylee Knit Dress. It’s a beautiful, medium turquoise color (my bathroom lighting does NOT do it justice), and it’s outrageously soft. Best of all, it’s LONG ENOUGH! I can wear it without leggings for the summer, and then add them for some extra warmth once the fall chill arrives.


In this picture, I’m wearing both the Alice Blue Simona Henley Blouse and the Kut From the Kloth Bhody High-Waisted Skinny Jeans. I’m obsessed with florals, so this top was perfect for me. It fits a little snug around the hips, but I still think it’s cute and comfortable. The jeans are a cool charcoal color, and I feel like I’m wearing pajamas with them on… they’re so amazingly soft and stretchy! They actually hit my waist where they’re supposed to, and the inseam is exactly long enough for me. My stylist really paid attention to my measurements.


I am fully obsessed with this Pinque flannel top. It’s loose, flowy and cozy, and looks so good with the Kut from the Kloth jeans! This is going to be one of my fall staples.

Overall, I’m shocked by how well my stylist, Jessimond, did. She got my style to a tee, and picked clothes that fit me well, which is nearly impossible to do! It hurt my frugal little heart to buy my entire fix, but I did it anyway… And truly, the pricing wasn’t that bad (they paid attention to my pricing desires too). I got all of the above pieces for a grand total of about $180.

Because I’m on a budget, Stitch Fix probably will be a once-or-twice a year gift to myself, but I absolutely plan on doing it again. The suspense of opening up the box to see what your stylist picked out for you is so fun, and they really do seem to pay attention to your likes, dislikes and specifications!

If you want to try Stitch Fix, please consider using my referral link. If you do, we’ll both get $25 towards a fix, which will totally cover your styling fee and maybe even one of your pieces!

Tried Stitch Fix before? What’s the best piece you’ve ever received? Let me know in the comments!


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