Green Velvet

Granville, an easy drive of about 40 minutes from Columbus, is home to more than just Denison University. A small yet mighty collection of restaurants, shops, galleries and other small businesses lines Broadway, Granville’s “Main Street.” Green Velvet is one of the shops you’ll find there, and has quickly become my new favorite boutique.


Green Velvet sits atΒ 130 E Broadway in Granville, in a small and charming historic building. Upon my arrival, there were a few items outside for display. I was completely shocked to see that one of the dresses hanging on the rack out front was on sale for just $12!


Every inch of this boutique is put to good use. Racks of shockingly affordable, soft clothing line the walls, while cabinets house artwork, jewelry, soaps, home decor and more. The hanging chandeliers give the boutique a chic, upscale vibe, but the atmosphere is inherently welcoming.


I absolutely fell in love with all of the fall items for sale. I could have spent all day just browsing the home goods sections, but then I started to go through the clothing racks.


I have no idea who is curating the clothing selection at Green Velvet, but they must be as tactile as I am. I didn’t feel a single clothing item in this store that wasn’t unbelievably soft!

I ended up pulling several dresses, sweaters and shirts to try on, and one of the store employees brought over another sweater she thought I would love based on what I’d already picked out. She was totally right.

After spending some time in their comfortable and cozy dressing room, I settled on four tops that I decided I couldn’t live without.


The leftmost piece is a tunic sweater that is lightweight, yet so soft to the touch. In the middle is a thick, plush, cozy sweater that I have a feeling I’ll be living in this fall/winter. Furthest to the right is a silky knit top with adorable bell sleeves, with a small stripe pattern. In the front is an ultra-comfy raglan tee, with great fall floral details on the sleeves and neckline. All four of these tops combined cost $112, which isΒ dirt cheap relative to most other boutiques.


I had to snap one final photo of the cute display at the checkout counter. Luckily, I was running out of time, as I had to rush to meet my family at a pub a few doors down, or I probably would have ended up purchasing one of everything in the store!

If you ever find yourself in Granville, be sure to stop by Green Velvet for some incredibly cute boutique selections that won’t break the bank and a few smiles from the super-friendly staff. You won’t regret it!


2 thoughts on “Green Velvet

  1. Thanks so very much for this kind, thoughtful and very well written blog about our shop. It truly made my day! I hope you are able to come out during the Christmas season to check out how the space is transformed into a winter wonderland! Our 15th annual Christmas Open House is the first weekend in November! We hope you can come and thank you again!

    Elizabeth Stutzman
    Owner, Green Velvet

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