AMF Sawmill Lanes

A benefit of living right around the Bethel / Sawmill area is that there’s plenty to do within a very short distance. However, because I drive by most of these businesses every day, they tend to blend into the background and I sometimes forget what’s in my own backyard. When Trevor mentioned that he wanted to go bowling, it dawned on me that I live less than a mile away from a bowling alley. We decided to head over to AMF Sawmill Lanes for a game or two.


AMF Sawmill Lanes isn’t very hard to find – it’s a giant, red-roofed building right near the corner of Sawmill Road and Bethel Road with a prominent sign out front.

We walked in and were greeted by a very friendly staff member who got us our bowling shoes and took Trevor’s credit card number to keep on file as a sort of tab in case we decided we wanted to play more than one game.


The space itself is pretty nice as far as bowling alleys go. It’s clean and organized. There’s also an arcade section with plenty of games to keep visitors occupied. They have a full bar and a restaurant, which is great if you’re planning on spending an entire evening there.

Now is probably a good time to mention that I have to bowl with my non-dominant hand because of my “lucky fin” on the right side, so I’m anΒ absolutely terrible bowler. I’m also incredibly stubborn, so when Trevor offered to leave the bumpers up, I refused. I probably should have gone with the bumpers.


As you can see, I tried my best.

Trevor is actually quite a good bowler. We laughed at the fact that he almost always seemed to have one pin that refused to go down, but he often got it on the next try.


We had anticipated only playing one game, but bowling goes really fast with just two people! We opted for a second game, and then called it quits because we were hungry and ready for dinner.

Here’s where my beef with AMF Sawmill Lanes comes into play. We went to check out, and our total ended up being $35. Am I crazy, or does that seem like a lot of money for two quick games and a shoe rental? Maybe I’m out of touch since I don’t bowl much, but Trevor and I were both pretty taken aback by the price. We were there less than an hour, so it seemed pretty exorbitant to us.

I think a night out at AMF Sawmill Lanes is probably best suited to a bigger group that can split the cost of the games. We had a lot of fun, but this experience wasn’t worth the price.


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